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I was in Tesco last Saturday – I don’t like Tesco one bit, but they were the cheapest place to buy a couple of slimline water butts, which we wanted for the garden, and so I whizzed round and bought a few bits while I was there.

They had a special offer on chicken legs – 3 packs of four legs for a tenner. Now, I know it won’t be great chicken, but times are hard, and there was space in the freezer, so I swallowed my principles and bought some.

I turned them into Madhur Jaffrey’s lemon and coriander chicken, one of our very favourite things.  With the additional of a bunch of coriander from our local Indian grocer (65p) and a couple of lemons which would have been, what – 80p?, and a few pence worth of spices, we made 14 portions of Indian chicken for under 12 quid. Seems OK to me.

The recipe link I’ve given you is just a guideline as always. We up the garlic quotient a far bit, use more spices, and this time used dried chilli flakes, as we had no fresh ones in. I do it in the slow cooker too, which works a treat. I do generally make this dish with chicken wings, but I’m here to tell you that legs work just as well.

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Tesco want to build a new store in Sheringham, in Norfolk. The residents of Sheringham don’t want it.

Campaigners fighting a decade-long battle against the arrival of a planned Tesco superstore claim they have been sabotaged by “dirty tricks” involving the fabrication of letters of support.

.. Ater becoming suspicious at what appeared to be a sudden groundswell of support for Tesco, campaigners began investigating the letters and asked residents and postmen whether they knew the correspondents.

No one did and publicly available electoral and phone records for the streets on which they claimed to live indicate that the pro-Tesco letter writers do not, actually, exist.

More at the Independent.

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“Forget the eulogies to Sir Terry Leahy. The legacy of Leahyism has been damage to our towns, countryside and environment, and the promotion of a much poorer diet that we’ll all pay for”

Excellent piece by Alex Renton from the Guardian.

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George Monbiot writes in today’s Guardian.

I have been writing about it for years. But it’s only now, when I’m caught in the middle of it, that the full force of this injustice hits me. Like everyone else here I feel powerless, unstrung as I watch disaster unfolding in slow motion.

There’s a similar battle going on in Bedminster, about 3 miles from where we live. And Tesco will win. They always win.

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"I have not supplied the design or pattern to them and I did not give my consent for my design to be used but it seems that doesn't count when it comes to big business, they just take what they want regardless of the intellectual property rights of individuals."

More here. Robbing bastards.

Edited to correct incorrect link.
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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has tabled a resultion at Tesco's forthcoming AGM; he duly obtained the statutory support of 100 shareholders and tabled the resolution before the final deadline on 16 May.
"[This resolution]. would force it to adopt RSPCA standards or renounce its claim to allow its birds a life free of pain. The motion was tabled before a final deadline."

Tesco, a company not famed for taking such things lying down, has decided that HF-W must pay them £86,888 for the cost of sending this resolution out to its 235,000 shareholders. Interesting that this year they sent out the AGM papers out 2 weeks earlier than last year; *and* his resolution was in in time.

For what it's worth, I think Tesco - much as I loathe them - are quite entitled to sell chickens that are raised in appalling, yet legal, conditions, to people who don't want to spend money on better quality food. The fault here is not, I don't think, with Tesco, but with DEFRA (gosh, really?) and consumers.

But this tactic of theirs with regard to a legitimate shareholder's legitimate concerns is really not impressive.

More from the Independent.
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Tesco to monitor millions of consumers around the world

As [livejournal.com profile] perlmonger said, "they don't already?" .. well they do, but they are extending this to more than 60m worldwide customers. And they will continue to sell this data "in anonymous form" to the likes of Coca Cola and Unilver.

More from The Times here.
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From The Independent comes the story that Tesco have reduced the price of a whole chicken to £1.99.
[...]in a move that critics warned would heap financial pressure on the poultry industry and make it harder to the improve welfare of factory-farmed animals.
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astonishingly, the only mainland postcode in the UK which is not infested with Tesco is HG (Harrogate). And now Tesco want to build a store there, and many residents would rather they didn't. More from the Guardian here.
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Tesco moves into the software market - Tesco said it would offer six packages, including office software, security systems and a photo editing tool.

Tesco "breaching planning laws" - (a BBC investigation has found); what a surprise.

and finally, Tesco makes *£1.1bn* in six months; which I find appalling.

all links from BBC News.
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Less than one month after announcing it will end a 10-year promotional tie-up with McDonald's Corporation, Walt Disney Company has signed a deal to license the branding of fresh fruit in Tesco supermarkets in the UK and across Europe.
more here.

global branding is a wonderful thing ...
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A deer hunter who took his photographs to a supermarket for processing was shocked to find himself reported to police.

Although the sport is legal, Tesco gave his details to officers who questioned him for several hours. [...] Tesco has no ban on photographs of shooting and its privacy policy says: "We will never pass your personal data to anyone else", but it contacted the police without telling Mr Williams.
story here

"Belfast Child" |Glittering Prize: Simple Minds 81/92 | Simple Minds
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from today's Times
"Consumers do not, in the end, take kindly to an overweening monopoly, especially when it squeezes out competition and dictates its own terms. In towns that face the massive intrusion of new superstores, opposition is mounting."
I wonder if there's anything that can be done to stop their inexorable march ...

Tescopoly seems to be down at the moment, but SchNews has an article on yesterday's profit figures.
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the always interesting George Monbiot has a piece in the Guardian today about the Office of Fair Trading and their approach to supermarkets.
After wriggling its way through every possible excuse for inaction, last week the Office of Fair Trading decided to launch an inquiry into the behaviour of the big grocery chains. It's about time. But alongside it we need another one: into whether the OFT, like almost everything else in this country, has itself been taken over by the superstores. The problem the competition authorities are investigating - the dominance of companies like Tesco and Wal-Mart - is the result of 25 years of regulatory failure.

more here
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good story from today's Guardian:
It sounds crazy to question the future of Britain's most powerful retailer when it accounts for more than one in every eight pounds spent by UK consumers, but the next six months could see significant efforts to clip its wings.

Next month, a report from an all-party group of MPs into the future of the high street is likely to recommend an end to below-cost pricing of key goods, and curbs to stop supermarkets in general, and Tesco in particular, buying more convenience stores. The recommendations will be closely watched by the Department of Trade and Industry, which appears sympathetic to the anti-Tesco bandwagon.
we can but hope ...
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from the Guardian:
With 250,000 staff, 1,800 stores and the turnover of a medium-sized country, Tesco now collects one in every eight retail pounds we spend. So how is it affecting the way we live? To find out, Lucy Mangan spent a month shopping for everything - from clothes to pet insurance - at the company's stores or websites
worth a read ...
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from today's Guardian

Tesco is quietly building a profile of you, along with every individual in the country - a map of personality, travel habits, shopping preferences and even how charitable and eco-friendly you are. A subsidiary of the supermarket chain has set up a database, called Crucible, that is collating detailed information on every household in the UK, whether they choose to shop at the retailer or not.

read the full article here.

I always wonder why people are so happy to have store cards ...


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